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Innovative Hand wheel for Precise Camera Settings.
Designed with a unique hand wheel on its control panel, Smooth 3 brings various camera settings, including exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focusing, to your fingertips, allowing real-time precise control of both the camera and stabilizer.

Unprecedented max 260g payload.
Empowered by the fifth Instune Algorithmic System, which realizes 40% increase in motor torque and 35% improvement in respond speed compared to earlier versions, the Smooth 3 sets up a new benchmark for the industry supporting a max payload of 260g. This not only significantly improves its system stability, but also allows more extensive phone shooting applications with multiple add-on options, such as external lens, portable lamp or microphone etc.

Record-breaking 14-hour Continuous Runtime.
Smooth 3 comes standard with one 26650 rechargeable battery, supporting unprecedented ultra-long continuous runtime up to 14 hours. Meanwhile, the Micro USB power port at the side of the handle allows convenient charging through direct power source with a USB port.

One-step Precise Balancing.
Designed with a unique telescopic arm featured with detailed scale mark for precise fixing, balance adjustment on Smooth 3 is made much easier and more accurate.

Military-industrial Quality.
Elaborately engineered using aviation-grade aluminum material processed through high-precision CNC machining, all operations on Smooth 3 are guaranteed with outstanding smoothness and durability.

Universal Mounting Port to Enhance Creativity.
Equipped with an universal 1/4” threaded hole at the bottom, Smooth 3 can be mounted to various photography equipment and apparatus, such as tripod mount, extension rod or suction cup, so you not only can produce rocker-arm footage, but can also make cool time lapse footage with ideal view while it operates with your hands free!

Direct Firmware Upgrade via APP.
The Smooth 3 firmware is subject to constant upgrade via convenient connection with ZY Play, the dedicated mobile APP via Bluetooth connection, to ensure up-to-date performance.


 Min. Standard Max.
Operation Voltage3.6V 4.3V
Operation Current80mA110mA6000mA
Charging Voltage 5V 
Charging Current 2000mA 
Output Voltage 5V 
Output Current 1000mA 
Following Deviation in Static State±0.01° ±0.04°
Following Deviation in Motion State±0.05° ±0.3°
Tilt Mechanical Range 320° 
Roll Mechanical Range 320° 
Pan Mechanical Range 360° 
Controllable Tilt Angle-135° +185°
Controllable Roll Angle-30° +30°
Operation Temperature 360° 
Operation Temperature-10°C25°C45°C
Battery Runtime8h12h14h
Charging Time 2.5h 
Valid Payload75g 260g
Horizontal Arm Adjustment Range   
Mounting Clamp Supporting Range   
Compatible ModelsSmartphones with sizes within 6.0", GoPro Hero3/4/5/6
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